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True. And here are a few... Wait..., what? No!!!
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 True. And here are a few... (2)
 Wait..., what? No!!! (12)

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joecavalry(39793) pic

America will always be better at certain things.

True. And here are a few...

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Wait..., what? No!!!

Side Score: 17

I'm not sure if cleavage qualifies but I threw it up there just in case ;)

Side: True. And here are a few...
3 points

The right one is definitely better...

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
2 points

The woman on the left looks fake.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

Envy rears its ugly head ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
1 point

Aw, come on- who the hell wants to look like that~ the woman on the right looks really nice. Yep, I get mixed up with the whole right left thing.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
Jungelson(3953) Disputed
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Lolololol. I understand some people liking giant boobs, (right one is a bit small) but not everyone likes big ones.

Side: True. And here are a few...

Ehhh there is always something attractive about the Asian facial structure. I'd sooo rather the left then the right, but I find something uniquely attractive about small cleavage to bigger cleavage, size in such area really doesn't matter to me. Sorry if I'm being a bit... Inappropriate here lol.

I meant right than the left... My bad

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

Freudian slip ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

O.0 I had to look that up... No I think I was just being blonde (it happens to me sometimes I hate to admit) and I got confused whether the pic was on the right or left of which I was referring to and I got mixed up on which on should go first for my sentence to make sense (where I should have just read it). Or perhaps... Freudian slip!!! I wonder what else I'm repressing... Lol... FIX ME JOE!!!

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!