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terrorist group bunch of idiots
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Are Apple Fan Boys a terrorist group or just a bunch of idiots?

Apple Fan Boys

prefer to be stranded

on a deserted island

with either an iPad or an iPhone.

terrorist group

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bunch of idiots

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They are taking away software freedom.

rms, or Richard Matthew Stallman wrote the GPL, or the General Public License in order to support YOUR rights.

GNU software is 100% free, even the source code can be known to all who wish to know, along with modifying it all you want.

Apple has done nothing but patent things, sue people and push out over priced, locked down products that take away as much freedom as they can. Nearly every product they've sold can be traced back to an original by another company, showing that they are nothing but thieves of ideas, which I would not be against, but because they then claim those ideas as theirs and sue other companies who use similar ideas, they are only poison.

Information must be kept free, along with technology used to access information, or the future will be a shiny, white, jailed hell.

Freedom must be maintained. Support GNU software and the GPL license.

Side: terrorist group

What good are either one of those devices on a deserted island? I mean..., it's not like those things are solar powered. Go figure ;)

Side: bunch of idiots

A good chunk of people are idiots. And a good chunk of those idiots happen to be apple fans. I have evidence for this assertion.

Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5 prank

A local Fox news station also falsely stated that the new iphone 5 has a laser keyboard along with holographic technology. It just shows how truly idiotic and gullible people can be.

Local Fox news channel believes the iPhone 5 has a laser keyboard, hologram technology

Side: bunch of idiots

If your phone's operating system is not Windows or Android, then it is probably iOS, and it is sucks.

Side: bunch of idiots