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Stupid is as stupid does. They are my heroes!
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Seth is just mad his movie sacked ;)

Side: Stupid is as stupid does.

If Moore is sso brave, why doesn't he say that in front of a crowd ;)

Side: Stupid is as stupid does.
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No, but :

Its easy to see why some would think so.

Seth made a mediocre comedy, then got lucky that NK took exception.

He followed with comments about another movie that exposed his ignorance about the subject of military snipers.

Michael hasn't done anything of note lately and felt compelled to expose his own ignorance as well.

Side: Stupid is as stupid does.
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Not all snipers are cowards, but if a war is unjust you shouldn't participate in it.

I see Moore's point from that angle. His language is just a little bit heavy.

Side: They are my heroes!
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What I find interesting is that from what I have read Moore did not actually call snipers cowards he said his uncle was killed by a sniper and he was brought up being told that snipers were cowards, a totally different statement. Interestingly I watched Inglorious Basterds the other day which coincided with the big push of adverts on TV for American Sniper the first thought that went through my head was similar to Seth Rogens tweet (wisely I kept that thought to myself)

Side: They are my heroes!