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They are They are not
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Are boys smarter than girls in a way of living their lives?

They are

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They are not

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It really depends on the individual person. And your definition of the word "smarter."

Even if one side is "smarter" than another, it's not because of that side in particular, it's because of the standards of living society has set for them.

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I assume you mean, generally speaking. While I don't have a problem in understanding the differences of men and women, we should never make this a question of "who is superior". Thing is, how do you define "smarter in a way of living their lives", if anything I think girls are kind of smarter, we do some pretty stupid things relatively, and generally speaking. Women also live longer than men in most countries.

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Women commit less crime and most evil acts are done by males not females. Women have more empathy and they must being doing something right as on average they live longer as zephyr already mentioned.

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I think it is the same boys and girls have a good way of living there lives.

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I am not sexist.

Next question?

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