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Yes, a nice pair. What?
Debate Score:15
Total Votes:16
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 Yes, a nice pair. (3)
 What? (7)

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Are these a nice pair of eyes or what?

Yes, a nice pair.

Side Score: 3


Side Score: 12

What a nice pair of eyes ;)

Side: Yes, a nice pair.

She had cat eyes nine lives, no tan lines...
Side: Yes, a nice pair.

I wonder what the rating is on those spaghetti straps? I mean..., how much can they hold before they snap ;)

Side: Yes, a nice pair.
3 points

Is that a candle in the background? I think I may want that candle.

Side: What?
2 points

The fuck are you guys talking about? All I see are breasts.

Side: What?

Her eyes are a little bit higher. ;)

Side: What?
1 point

They're a rather muddy colour.

Side: What?
1 point

And that's definitely way too much mascara.

Side: What?

Women are so catty ;)

Side: What?

I see 4 eyes!

Side: What?