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Are women like phones?

They like to be held, talked to, and touched often.  But push the wrong button and your ass is disconnected.


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I guess everybody are like phones. Your mom is my phone. lol :)

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Yeah! Plus they talk forever. What the fuck? Pretend we're on twitter. ;)

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I know! Right! If they can't get their message across in 150 characters or less (The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of gossip, so we can keep the quality of the discourse as high as possible.) then we should be allowed to just walk away. But they got this shoe-to-the-back-of-the-head thing going for them. I don't dare turn around. It seems like for everyone of our actions, they have an overreaction, greater in force and in the opposite direction. It's just plain physics ;)

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YES! Every month you need to spend more money on them and if you are "on a plan" and then your fucked. If you can prove you have enough money to pay the Plan, you usually get them for free, but if you just stay on prepaid you have to pay out of your ass just to get them.

You buy apps for them, accessories for them, and it makes you feel good about them for a little while. The high maintanence ones always look the best. But soon you want to upgrade, and all that money was for nothing.

When you first get them it seems like yours is better than anyone elses, but after a while almost everyone elses is better looking, faster, does more for them and is smaller or bigger in the right places compared to yours.

Plus by that time, yours doesn't seem to be responding as quick as it used to, and often it is turned off, or has run out of batteries when you most want to play with it. And it seems like it takes ages to be turned on.

People dont like you playing on theirs.

After a while, you hold onto each one longer and longer, you get older, use them less often, and settle for one because you are used to it, or your scared you wont be able to work the new ones..

Bloody women ay?

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so much, i can't live without it it's my friend : i talk with my boy freind and the others .......

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I picked this side because I didn't want to be the one to push the wrong button ;)

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Are they used as a device for communicating with others? I have yet to know as I don't have a woman.

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The short answer is, "yes." If you want to prove it to yourself, just tell one of them a secret. It will be communicated all over the place ;)

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There is no way that I'm going to say yes! I'll be going against my Odds!

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Comparing someone in the modern world, where discrimination is illegal and women have equal rights to men, reminds me of the slave trade. Slaves were considered as an ornament and discriminated against. The unfair idea that in the modern day this should be brought back is preposterous.

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Yeah but..., by posting on this side you have effectively saying that women are NOT like phones..., which is effectively comparing women to phones..., which, effectively, contradicts your statement that this type of comparison is preposterous ;)

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