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That's been my experience. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Are women nothing but trouble?


1.  To find a woman you need time and money:

Woman = Time X Money

2.  Time is money (Time = Money) so:

Woman = Money X Money

Woman = (Money)^2

3.  Money is the root of all Problems (Money = sqrt(Problems)):

Woman = (sqrt(Problems))^2

4.  The square root and the square cancel out:

Woman = Problems



That's been my experience.

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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This logic is fundamentally flawed from the get-go.

It begins with "To find a woman you need time and money" which is alternatively presented as "women require time and money."

As such, the Women = Time x Money part is incorrect, and each subsequent line is also incorrect.

Each line should in fact read Woman requires... rather than Woman =...

As such, woman != problems, but women require problems. Hence why they go for assholes.

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Would you categorize that as women are drama queens? ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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Well, the term is drama queen, not drama king, so it's pretty telling in and of itself! :b

Side: That's been my experience.
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Hahahaha, guys are trouble too. Guys seem to judge women by what's on the outside and not the inside. And men cheat and the worst of all they put a price tag on women. Just saying if a guy put a price tag on me they can even be a billionaire and still wouldn't have a chance.

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Saurbaby(5502) Clarified
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Everyone, regardless of gender, judge people based on appearance and I know more women who cheat. These are just examples of why people, in general, are problems

Side: That's been my experience.

OMG!!! A blast from the past!!! Welcome back. Long time. We missed you. Will you be sticking around for a while? I hope so. ;)

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Women do not = problems. Women do not require problems.

Women are one of two types of humans. When these two types interact, their fundamental differences often = problems.

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This is soooo dumb, guys are the ones who choose woman. So if she is trouble then, why did you choose in the first place?

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Jessieulle(9) Disputed
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Side: That's been my experience.