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 Are your parents divorced? (19)

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Are your parents divorced?

I was going to make a stronger statement but

I'm not sure this is the right forum.

I'm trying to get a feel for that,

with this debate,

before I go further.

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Not only are my parents divorced, but I too got a divorce.

1 point

Did your trolling break them up? :D

No. I learned trolling after the fact ;)

1 point

My parents divorced, but lucky for me, both still parented .

1 point

Mine never married.


1 point

Nope, my parent's aren't divorced. They both are still married.

1 point

Oh! Both of them are still married? That's cool.

1 point

Yep! I am thankful that they didn't split up or anything because I would hate going to my mom or dad's house every so often.

1 point

Nope :)

1 point

No, my parents are still married.

No, they just celebrated their 45th anniversary.

Mine are still married, but they're pretty much dead to me since they're in a cult.

1 point

Is it a well-known cult?

AuntieChrist(803) Clarified
1 point

Yes, Christianity.

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Yeah but like no one else in may family hasn't, they got in alot of fight like all parents and couldn't take it anymore