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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Before we continue arguing - you should first read HOW we are being the med


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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There was a time when there was give and take between the parties. Now, no one wants to give an inch. It may tear this nation apart. In the past, when politicians wanted to divert our attention and unify us, they found a common enemy for us to fight. This means less people on the road during rush hour traffic ;)

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I hope it keeps polarizing. It's time for a war - civil and world. We need to purge the heard a lot.

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For some reason the media has shifted from neutral reporting with commentary, to biased reporting with commentary. I suspect this shift was intentional and planned, but have no proof. None the less they have clearly become an asset to liberals.

I also believe that the current polarized debate between liberals and conservatives is due to a takeover of the Democratic party, by those who are using it to infiltrate and subvert our government. Decades ago, much greater cooperation was possible because many common beliefs were shared between the parties. Today a large faction of the Democratic party is advocating steps and policies set out by subversives like Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and George Soros. These ideas are so openly in support of socialistic, communistic aims, as to be completely incompatible with our constitutional republic and its inherent freedoms. This is the divide in our government. This is why they can't reach much common ground. To be clear, not all Democrats are so inclined, but a large faction are. There exists another faction of Democrats who are simply blind to the nature of the growing subversive faction.

Apart from that, things are going fine. 😨😰😱😵

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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The media shifted from neutral to biased reporting because of people like you. The media changes based on its audience. When they see people take sides and ignore everything about their own side the media will change to only show one side of the story because the audience ignores the other side anyway.

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daver(1771) Disputed
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Your missing the point cart. The divide is caused by the total incompatibility between our freedoms and a socialist state. No room there to compromise, get it? 😕

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Fuck Buzzfeed.

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