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true Wait..., what? No!
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CD needs more faster servers - it takes too long to navigate the site

It's like either the site is not scalable or it needs an infusion of faster servers.  It takes for ever to go from one page to another.  At first I thought the problem was on my end but other sites are much faster so.... 


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Wait..., what? No!

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Somebody is going to find me dead one of these days at my computer waiting for a CD page to load on my browser ;)

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i thought is was just my computer now im happy i can blame CreateDebate .

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Wow, I thought it was my computer as well. Please freaking fix this CD :O

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I have noticed this too. Wikipedia loads in about .3 seconds, CD can take about 15 - 20.

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All too often my connection will time out from taking sooo long to load a page.

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