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Yes, there's some hope Nah, there's no hope
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Can liberals be reformed

Yes, there's some hope

Side Score: 3

Nah, there's no hope

Side Score: 3
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Yeah, but it will be after we figure out reform all those people addicted to stereotyping. :)

Side: Yes, there's some hope

I sure hope my liberal friends have a sense of humor ;)

Side: Nah, there's no hope
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That's weird, I've never been drug anywhere by any girl accept the bedroom.

I did managed to get through an entire youtube video of an old man pretending in all seriousness he's actually a cowboy though, plus I still on occassion reply to Joe's silly ass debates. Maybe I can be reformed to the point where instead of just making fun of how dumb republicans are, I'll feel bad for them? You know, cause I'm all like feminine and nuturing and junk...

Nah, I'll just keep making fun of ridiculous accents and grown men who make believe they're cowboys.

Side: Nah, there's no hope

No hope at all. They'll continue to live in there Michael Moore loving I'm-a-rich-white-boy-but-I'm-a-liberal mindset forever.

Side: Nah, there's no hope