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Yes, they can. No, they can't.
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 Yes, they can. (13)
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Can the Iranians accurately predict 5 to 8 years into the future?

An Iranian businessman claims to have mastered time with a machine that allows users to fast forward up to eight years into the future.


Yes, they can.

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No, they can't.

Side Score: 16
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While I doubt that the followers of a faith such as Islam could ever achieve such a spiritually demanding task as accurately prophesying, I can see that it is possible, since meditation is part of the Islamic faith and is commonly practised in many Muslim nations around the world (although far more by Hindus and Buddhists).

It is when one can open their 'third eye' that time becomes merely on of many physical dimensions that one can merely walk up and down as if it were a street (I put 'third eye' in quotation marks as this is a strictly Hindu and Taoist terminology, while Buddhists don't have a specific term for their inner sight since they believe all to pertain to it).

However, this is known to take years of intense practise so much so that one must have literally no spare time outside of meditation and spirituality to achieve such a fantastic feat.

Side: Yes, they can.
Sitara(11080) Disputed
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My Muslim friend is one of the most balanced people I know. .

Side: No, they can't.
Buddhist(318) Disputed
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I think you will find in life that a personal anecdote doesn't constitute valid rebuttal or argumentation against logical reasoning.

Side: Yes, they can.
Banana_Slug(845) Disputed
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you don't know many of them do you? :D

Side: Yes, they can.
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If the hashish is good enough, then I'm sure they think they can do anything. .

Side: Yes, they can.

Those whacky Iranians ;)

Side: No, they can't.

Anyone can predict 5 to 8 years into the future, but the problem is wouldn't be accurate.

Side: No, they can't.

Yes, same as their carton board jet can fly .

Side: No, they can't.