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Can we define "The Nature of Evil" as being "Hands On"


Hitler (the contenporary example of pure evil) tried to make/shape the world more to his liking (i.e., full of blond haired, blue eyed people..., or a world without Jews..., take your pick).  Ofcourse, there were some who did not share his vision and labeled him as evil.  Hitler was a hands on type of guy.  He saw something he didn't like and he did something about it.  Evil is not indifferent.

If we go with that definition for a moment, since goodness is (by definition) the opposite of evil, then goodness is doing nothing.  Goodness is hands off.  Goodness is indifferent.  This would explain why (if there is a God) He doesn't interfere or concerns himself in the affairs of men.  As a matter of fact, last time he tried to "interfere", He got nailed.... to a cross.

There's an old saying that states that in order for evil to succeed, good men need do nothing.  But what these "good men" are doing is replacing someone else's world view with theirs.  In other words, those being replaced see those doing the replacing as evil.  If you belong to a group that is hands on..., that is NOT indifferent, then you will be seen as evil by others outside your group.


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Wait..., what? No!

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Steve Jobs tried to force me to use iTunes. Evil!

According to Gary77777, the U.S. tried forcing Iraq into democracy. Evil!

If you punish your kid for doing something you don't want them to do, they may end up hating you and calling you, Evil!

If you try to remove OWS protesters with a little pepper spray..., Evil!

If you are part of the Tea Party which is actively seeking to influence American politics..., Evil!... and racist. According to the liberals ;)

If you are trying to raise taxes and not make any spending cuts or if you are trying to make spending cuts and not raise taxes..., Evil!

If you want to be good..., then just stay out of the fray ;)

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"According to Gary77777, the U.S. tried forcing Iraq into democracy. Evil!"

Yep, that quote expresses my view perfectly, down with the great satan, by the will of Allah we shall have sharia in the US yet, Insha'Allah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't think hands on-edness is the defining requirement for evil. When someone witnesses a crime and doesn't do anything, I'm not inclined to label that an act of goodness, especially if it's out of indifference. Also, what about when people actively help others; can't you think of times when that's not generally thought of as evil?

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