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Yay, communal living!!! Down with that liberal crap.
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Communal living sucks.

The house stayed filthy because there was no accountability to ensure people were doing their fair share. Money and possessions went missing constantly and coming home to a dirty house full of strangers got old quick. There was a lot of talk about being a community but the collective mindset was very much every person for themselves.

After only four months at Surreal Estate I could see the place for what it really was: a failed bohemian idealist’s post-college experiment.

Yay, communal living!!!

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Down with that liberal crap.

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I'm living in "communal living" right now, part of the Berkeley Student Cooperatives. Houses have to pass fairly rigorous health and habitability inspections by both school, BSC, and city officials. We buy organic food collectively, share and cook it collectively. We do 5 hours of workshift a week, keeping the house up to shape. There's great house cohesion, everyone respects one another. Someone can be fined for being "uncooperative" and missing too many workshifts.

Communal living is very easy, in fact. It just depends on your lifestyle; I probably wouldn't be living in a cooperative if I had a family, or at least I wouldn't be living in a large cooperative. Perhaps sharing a backyard garden space with a few families in one neighborhood, but that's probably the maximum.

Side: Yay, communal living!!!

Does it suck? I mean..., is there any fellatio going on over there ;)

Side: Yay, communal living!!!
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Side: Yay, communal living!!!
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I get it.... but ain't that just describing conditions on earth? ;)

Side: Down with that liberal crap.

Yes. Which is why I'm all for population reduction..., so that my nearest neighbor is miles away ;)

Side: Down with that liberal crap.
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What method of culling the population do you think is ideal?

Side: Down with that liberal crap.

Who needs bed bugs ;)

Side: Down with that liberal crap.

I like to read some of this stuff.

Side: Down with that liberal crap.

It is good for people starting out, but i would not enjoy it in the long term.

Side: Down with that liberal crap.