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Communists are atheists and Communists have killed lots of people

There are many atheists out there that claim that a lot of people have died at the hands of religios people.  I claim that  a lot of people have died at the hands of atheists  Communists are atheists and Communists have killed a lot of people,  Q.E.D.

Many atheists think that we can stop a lot of the killiing by just getting rid of religion.  I think that we can stop a lot of the killiing by just getting rid of atheism.



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Maybe we can just substitute everyone with a group that hasn't killed anyone. I propose Jejovah's Witnesses. They haven't killed anyone. The worst thing they do is knock on your door on the weekends and want to chat you up when all you want to do is to relax. ;)

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It's true. It has always been a growing trend for dumb asses to suggest that the world would be a much better place without religion. I beg to differ:

The world would be a much better place with smarter people.

Personally, I do believe that if everyone was much smarter, there would be a lot less religion. But even if you could somehow eliminate religion in TODAY'S world, the killing would not stop.

Tyrannical regimes that have committed genocide have done it for more than just religious reasons. In fact, the worse genocides occurred for the exact opposite of religious pursuits. They have included religious people in their genocide. Or maybe that's what these idiots want when they say "the world would be a better place without religion". They don't care about genocide, they just hate religion. They hate it so much that they are willing to support the worse mass murderers in history just to get rid of it.

The overall point is that human beings are to blame for all the badness in this world. Religion is just a belief that many hold. But as we've seen through History and Facts (something that idiots can't seem to grasp), religion is not necessary in order to continue with genocide and tyranny.

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They are 2nd in the world after tyerroists for most kills.

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I am not an atheist. Marx said that a nation that has capital punishment cannot call itself civilized (though I disagree with that)

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Not all communist are atheist therefore the argument is invalid.

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