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Congrats Joe! 30,000 points and counting!

Yes, we all knew it was coming!!!


JoeCavalry just eclipsed the 30,000 point mark!!!!


Congrats Joe!  Way to troll in a kind an unassuming way under the radar.  I am proud to have you as a member fo the site.  I hope to see you hit 60,000 in half the time.



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Still raising the bar higher, even though nobody is anywhere close to catching up with you.

Thank you. I'd like to thank the little people... OK, seriously.

I've got lots of points but I've been here the longest so it really doesn't count. My dad once said I was tenacious. Maybe that has something to do with it. I love this site and I have lots of fun here and all this time... I've been trying to figure out what gets people riled up enough to participate in a debate en masse. I've tried serious debates, frivolous debates, political debates, religious debates, etc.

It turns out you can get a lot of mileage out of political (liberals vs conservatives, gun control and gay marriage) debates, and religious debates. But many liberals have either left or have learned not to take my bait, and the gay marriage issue is winding down.

That leaves gun control and religion.

So now I would like to take a moment to praise 2 individuals that have bested anything I've ever done (NOTE: there are others but these guys are at the very top). by lauraorme Should gunsbebannedinAmerica by sugarjun

Those 2 debates are plain, simple, and straight to the point... I've never gotten that close. I can't touch those guys. I'm probably a slow learner ;)

One thing to notice, however, is that those 2 individuals did not garnish a lot of points from those debates. Maybe if their points were tied to how many people participate, or how many arguments are posted, they may have been motivated to stay and other people may be motivated to put up more debates that get people fired up. But I suspect that prodigee may have ruined that.

Anyway..., I can only be serious for so long before I start feeling exposed and vulnerable... kinda like this:

so I'm going to stop now and hide behind my signature ;)
joecavalry(40131) Clarified
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Oh..., I almost forgot. Another type of debate that gets lots of attention are drama debates. I try not to participate in those because it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. ;)

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I sort have just learned not to take any argument or debate you post seriously. >_>

But I almost always will swallow hook, line and sinker for religion debates, it's my thing, I love to debate it.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your point achievement, you deserve it Joe! =D

Actually, there are some serious debates that I do post. They are just not very popular and even though I often add a little humor, they're serious just the same. ;)

Thanks for the well wishes.

2 points

Gratz bro .

2 points

i cant even reach 300 :P

Judging by his dedication to this site, I wonder what he does outside the computer

I'm like Tron..., I'm inside, and part of, the network. ;)

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Well, he didn't just hit 30k... It was like a week ago, but congrats anyway.

for a no life, no good, yella bellied, cotton pickin, chickin pluckin, moon shinin, gater wrastlin, towel head, sand monkey, cock goblin, horn dog!

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Congrats Joe! I still need to get to 10k but I have been slacking and not on that much.

I witnessed his 30,000th point made by a post. I feel very special.


Congrats Joe. :) I personally not a fan of your debates but nobody is fan of mine :/ due to disturbing "ness" LOL. However, you are a well deserved member because you had been a member since the old days. :)

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Congrats old friend  long time no see

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Wait? What?----------------------------------------------------------

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Congratulations on being the site's top scoring idiot.

Fuck you
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He uses a debate website as a chat site no wonder he's got 30,000 points. Congratulation anyway, if this even means anything.

I'm putting my two cents a bit late, but who cares. I am very happy for joe. Congrats joe.

~Blue-cris50, A.K.A Token-nigga, A.K.A Spark301