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True. Wait..., what?
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Determinism and free will are not incompatible at all.

If you are an expert shooter and you have cornered a bad guy at point blank range (he's not moving, he has no where to go), the bullet will go where you will it.  There is no predetermined outcome.  You can either shoot to kill, shoot to mame, shoot to miss or not shoot at all.  You decide.  One thing that is predetermined is that whatever your choice (assuming a closed system), it will come to pass because you are an expert shooter.  However, in a non-closed system, your will can be circumvented by random events, like a strong earthquake just before you make your choice.

Another way of saying is that you have free will within the confines of predeterminism.  For example, you can chose to jump off a cliff without a parachute, or some smilar device, but you will not be able to fly by willing it because of the confines of predeterminism which says that you will fall because of gravity and because you are not a flying species. 

So it is possible to have determinism and free will working side by side without any contradiction.


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Wait..., what?

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There are other examples of things that seem to contradict themselves. For example:

If God had chosen to create man through evolution, then the God VS Evolution debate would become moot.

If we are eternal beings, then life after death does not require the existence of a God.

Many debates exist because people insist on only one point of view in a perceived 3D universe that may actually have more than 3 dimensions.

These same debates persist because people are really good at finding evidence that support their argument and discarding evidence that does not ;)

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Noxter(92) Disputed
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Determinism simply means that you follow in specific order and participants got zero effect on it. Free will is exactly opposite.

Could you please show me a religion that incorporates Evolution in its sacred texts?

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That's really not my definition of determinism but to each his own. ;)

No religion currently incorporates evolution into their doctrine. Maybe they should ;)

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daver(1771) Disputed
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No. Determinism is based on the understanding that nothing that exists is without its cause. Determinism does not exclude participant actions.

Free will is not in conflict with determinism when you realize that will is made to exist by cause. Free will is actually an oxymoron in the context that we are often unaware of the causality involved in choosing. Still choosing itself exists, it's that it exists, like all things, owing to its causes.

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The issue still remains that the choices you make only convey the illusion of free will, and that the man behind the curtain is the chemical reactions in your brain that, though complex, are equally deterministic.

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