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I'm sure he did Wait..., what? No!
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Did Jesus Christ ever use his name in vain?

I don't know if Jesus Christ ever used his name in vain but his father more than likely did.  I mean, I can imagine his father saying stuff like, "Jesus Christ!  Sit down."  and "Jesus Christ!  Stop making all that noise."

I'm sure he did

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Wait..., what? No!

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I like to imagine that Jesus Christ had a dog named dammit and that one day the late JC was out playing in the rain and his father saying, "Dammit! Would you get in here!" and Jesus is all like, "But Dad...., I'm Jesus Christ!" ;)

Side: I'm sure he did

OK, let's look at the evidence. Jesus was a carpenter. Regardless of how good a carpenter he was, at some point in his life he must have hit his thumb with the hammer. At which point he sure must have sworn like the Irish, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" ;)

Side: I'm sure he did
Cartman(18192) Disputed
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That's ridiculous. Why would Jesus speak in the 3rd person? He would have said, "Me, mother, and Joseph!"

Side: Wait..., What? No!

That's more like, "Mon, Dad and I." I believe the late JC had better grammar than you make Him out to have :)

Side: I'm sure he did
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you are both sick and dillusioned you need help and you need to read saying the lords name in vain is a sin and jesus was sinnless

Side: sick people no
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By the definition of something being "in vain"

Every time a christian, muslim, jew, etc prays they are taking some lord's name in vain.

It is no different for this mythical character you're always talking about I'm sure.

Side: I'm sure he did

Jesus had the patience of a saint ;)

Side: Wait..., What? No!
Satakshi(95) Disputed
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why do write in the both the sides in all of your debates?

Side: I'm sure he did

Because I really don't care and because it doesn't matter. ;)

Side: I'm sure he did