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Yup, including Satan. No, they're screwed.
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 Yup, including Satan. (19)
 No, they're screwed. (3)

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Did Jesus also die for the sins of all the people that came before Him?

I'm just trying to get a handle on this religious concept

and hopefully gets some points in the process ;)

Yup, including Satan.

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No, they're screwed.

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But God is such a genius, he found a way to punish them anyway.

Side: Yup, including Satan.

You truly are a Prodigy...

Side: Yup, including Satan.
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He only died for the sins of those before him, he never died for the sins of those after him. You read the bible wrong, mate.

Side: Yup, including Satan.

He died for minor sins. Know of days, these "Sins" you theists believe in, are acts if everyday life. He basically died for nothing. He died for these so called "Sins", in one period of time. Something called the future. He wasted his life listening to an imaginary voice in his head.

Side: No, they're screwed.

They didn't get a chance to become born again anything. They didn't get a chance to believe in anything, repent, nothing. I think they're pretty much screwed. ;)

Side: No, they're screwed.
thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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The whole process seems kind of messed up to me.

If Jesus paid the price for all sin, then it should be covered regardless of whether anyone believes in him or not. He is said to have 'paid in blood.' Does belief confer a discount on the blood price, or something?

It also seems more likely that his death could pay the price for all the sins that came before him than it does that his death could pre-emptively pay the price for all potential sins that haven't been committed yet by an undetermined future population.

Side: Yup, including Satan.
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His blood covers those who believe in him. To those that seek heaven. If you don't seek heaven you can't get it.

Also I would assume any person in the times before him, who wanted to obtain heaven, will get it.

All souls sit in waiting until he comes.

Side: Yup, including Satan.
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I guess not.

Side: No, they're screwed.