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Did Michelle Obama try to fist bump the Queen?


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I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.... well, maybe if you're the queen, or Michelle, you may not find it funny.... but the rest of us ;)

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That is just to show how the American media take things that is so petty an exaggerating it into a story to boost ratings. When the American people needed them when George Bush and Rumsfeld wanted their war, where was the media?? Instead they help promote the lie of Weapons of mass destruction. That is why most of the events that followed up to this day is pure lies. But yet some believe it because they don't know how to think for them self.

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obviously shopped, and somehow I dont think Michelle would do this anyway

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Shoop da whoop.

I wish this would happen, but at the same time I'd facepalm. Terrorist Fist Jabs should be an AMERICAN tradition, not to be done with people from outside of the United States.

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Michelle Obama is a fine First Lady but she needs to be informed of protocol and the differences in international languages, body and otherwise. No doubt she is the American dream as a first lady but if she continues to traipse around the world alone or accompanied by the President she does need to be brought up to speed on what is done or not done in any given country she visits. It's called respect and manners.

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if you look hard enough the queen has a bit of a white outline lo yea funny if it happend

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I can totally see Michelle trying to fist bump the queen ;)

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hell yea black person fist bumping a white queen! lol FIST BUMPS JOE

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This look shopped. images/0/00/Shopped-Saddam.jpg

In all seriousness, it is completely photoshopped.

Original of Michelle Obama:

Original of Queen Elizabeth:

Wow I have some crazy googling skills that Queen Elizabeth picture was hard to find.

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Yeah, I know, but could you imagine? It made me laugh out loud ;)

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