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of course they did i believe what they tell me
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Did air marshals exist before 911?


ive seen BS vids claiming that prior to 911, air marshals were only used on internation flights coming and going from the u.s. if i remember correctly supposedly there were only 30 something of them.

do you believe that horseshit? think about it...all commercial flights serve booze. before 911, who's job was it to protect the passengers from out of control drunks or passengers that freak out about not wanting to share the armrest...or what ever the case may be. the stuartist? the pilot? "take over co-piliot, looks like i need to go back there and whoop some ass" you really think those flights were sent into the air without some authority figure put in place just in case shit happens, including a terrorist attack? 

and i love how they lied to us saying they modified all the planes to have good locking doors to the cockpit...sure, no need to have a good lock prior to 911, who would have known? 

there is no fucking way 4 planes were unprotected that day and got taking over by box cutters/ guys pretending to have bombs.

i seriously think the 2 planes that hit the towers were remote controled...and everybody aboard were knocked out with gas. the other 2 planes dont add up at all to the official story....not even sure they were commercial flights.


of course they did

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i believe what they tell me

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Sometimes I worry about humanity's IQ... Then I meet people like you...

And I worry so much more.

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thats great, but what did i say that worries your strong intellect? or are you too fucking stupid to understand my point? instead chose to be "witty"

and out of curiousity, when 911 occured...were you still awake, or was it past your bedtime? and if not from the shit country i believe you to be in...which cartoon were you watching?

Side: i believe what they tell me
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