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Did i make the team?! Help please

Im trying to get a spot on a D3 College football team. The coaches have seen my film multiple times, invited me down for a football game to be on their sideline, spoke with me many times and text me sometimes. I recently was invited to go to their college again for an in depth program and tour by their coaches with about 10 other people and was invited to spend the night with a host player, during the time I was provided with tons of food and hung out with the team playing basketball and passing the football with their quarterback. Since then one of their coaches has urged me to commit to their college so he can get me a good financial aid package. After all this it might seem like im a shoe-in to get a spot on the team, and im probably overthinking it but the reason im sketching is that who knows how many other recruits are in the same situation? they probably have 10 more coming every weekend for weeks to come. It seems like ive made it past the Consideration stage and am a full blown recruit and this weekend was to convince me to come to their school and team and not others but they haven't been totally black and white : WE WANT YOU. Idk its sketchy. what do you think?

Also one more thing. When I was with the host player we went to a party. I didn't drink or do anything and we left in like 15 minutes cuz it was too crowded. But do you think the coaches told the host players to report to them if we went to a party? and do you think theyd get rid of me for it? Then again if every recruit went (which they did) week after week then theyd have no team...and if they really wanted my skills it shouldn't matter...they wouldn't just drop someone who was all American or something... IDK I hate this waiting and sketching.

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It's D3, they don't have players coming from all over the place to go there, it isn't like D1. If the school seems good, go there. Sign your commit letter and get your financial aid.

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You are not even a real Satanist.

Go and fake-worship the football captain. It works better. =3

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AveSatanas(4443) Disputed
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Define Satanist .

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