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Oh My Allah Oh My God
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Do Muslims use OMA instead of OMG?


Just asking

Oh My Allah

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Oh My God

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The only initialism I have seen Muslims use with any frequency is PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) in regards to revered figures.

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Well, I think it would read AMO... Since the language or is read right to left! Or, maybe it would still read OMA...

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same thing. God is Allah, Allah is in the bible and the Torah (in Arabic) . In arabic we say " ya rab" which means Oh God or oh Lord.

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I think they use OMG. Although it probably just looks like a squiggly line ;)

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I know many Musilims that use "OMG" as part of their everyday speech. I would assume it's okay for them considering they aren't taking their lords name in vain. I also say OMG. A bad habit from too much OC watching in my high school days. Like, omg!

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As far as I know "Allah" is a god to them, so I assume saying "Oh my god" or "Oh my Allah" wouldn't make much difference. I'm a Satanist and you don't see me saying "Oh my Satan". Simple as that ;)

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