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Do bisexuals prefer hermaphrodites?

Bisexuals want the best of both worlds!

It sorta makes sense (in a twisted sorta way) that if you're bisexual you might be attracted to a hermaphrodite because that way you get both in one.


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Only lazy bisexuals want a hermaphrodite. But whether they find and bed a hermaphrodite doesn't really matter because in the end, they get bi.... I mean, by.... they get by.

Side: They are too lazy to get two genders
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If you loved dogs, but you were also equally fond of cats, would you want an ungodly mutilated amalgamation of the two?

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Are you saying that hermaphrodites are an ungodly mutilated amalgamation? I mean, they don't have a choice. That's how they're born.

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Yeah, no, you're right. I was thinking of someone who had gender reassignment surgery . . . which still doesn't make them a hermaphrodite . . . so I'm way off.

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No that is not right. why would someone want a person that has the two in one... if you are bi, just choose the one at once... how much variety does one person want...

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I'm bisexual. No.

Side: No

That's cool.

I assume that you have nothing against hermaphrodites though, right?

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