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Do racist people prefer white chocolate?


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Racists today support late term abortions on demand for any reason because they understand the biggest percentage of abortions are done by minorities.

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Can you name one racist who says this?

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This is typically the no side, so. I'll go with no.

A racist person would probably prefer chocolate closest to their race, thus black racists would prefer regular chocolate.

Non blacks, non whites don't think I forgot you. I bet your racists just don't like chocolate.

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Yeah... WTF. I don't have anything to back up my claim, but I am sure a person's desire to eat something is mostly based on the food's taste. In other words, if it tastes good and is edible then it's going to be eaten no matter what colour it is. White, black or green.

Sure, appearance is going to play a role i.e the food in question should at least look appetizing if it's going to grab attention. But I REALLY fail to see how race or racism can be applied when it comes to chocolate.

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