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Do we really need guns?


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Maslow's triangle rates shelter and protection as the second most important need, after sustenance. I'd say guns are a variation of a need that we have in a world now that they exist. What that falls under though is protection, or more specifically weapons. We need weapons to protect ourselves from those who are normally stronger than us, in nature it's the animal kingdom, in society, ir's criminals, and internationally it's every other country.

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Please not that this is not an argument in favor of or opposing personal gun ownership at all levels, but rather guns as a whole.

I believe people focus on the negative aspects of how dangerous guns are, without even looking at the positive aspects of how dangerous guns are.

For much of history, using any kind of weapon effectively involved a measure of physical strength/endurance, as well as a measure of skill in using the weapon. This gave a significant advantage to those who did not have to work all day every day for basic subsistence, as they had free time- some of which could be devoted to developing the strength, endurance, and skill needed for combat. And, in practice, one of these individuals who had been trained for combat was worth many, many more untrained peasants- even ones with above average strength such as farm laborers or miners. Economic success could be said to translate directly into combat potential, from that. Feudalism, and systems quite similar to it, were common throughout much of the old world as a result of this.

What started to break that power dynamic down was the advent of weaponry that was effectively lethal without a significant amount of physical conditioning or weapons training. Compare the strength and skill needed to use a longbow effectively vs that needed to fire a crossbow.

Crossbows and firearms require little more than pointing the weapon at the target and firing. True, there is room for skill to increase how effective one is with either, but for either weapon, a person can generally be taught to consistently hit a roughly man-sized target within the weapons effective range in less than day- and these can be used to lethal effect even with zero training in some cases.

The downside to the lethality of firearms is a higher body count overall. But the upside is reducing the 'might makes right' advantages that economic success and raw physical strength granted to the elite. I could be a world-class swordsman in peak physical condition, and still be laid low by a tiny slip of a grandmother who keeps a revolver in her purse. Firearms effectively equalized power gaps that stood from the dawn of civilization, and modern democracy's heritage is as much one of blood and lead as it is one of philosophy.

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I agree with DrawFour. We only need Guns because we already have them.

But we don't REALLY need them. If we rid the world of guns , the only thing changes, is how we protect ourselves. What we need is protection and guns aren't the only way we could protect ourselves.

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We do not really need guns, guns only cause more violence to the world. Now i know some of you people will say that guns don't kill people that people kill people and all that well if we can be able to protect ourselves without using any guns which is possible. Its just that people don't want to see it that way. People love guns its all efficient than the other weapons. Now i'm not much of a gun person myself and i just don't think that we need guns.

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We don't need them but its your choice to have a gun or not.

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