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Do women take it as a challenge to get a gay guy to change teams?

When confronted with a gay guy, do women feel comfortable enough in front of him to walk around naked?  Maybe try to entice him enough to change sides?  I mean, is there any benefit to straight men pretending to be gay ;)


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I think it would make for a funny story when people ask, "So..., how did you guys meet?" ;)

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I've not seen this in women so much as I have in straight men. They ALWAYS think...well, if she just had the right man, she'd change her tune!

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LOOL true!... but only sexy lesbos should become straight.

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I think you're refering to lipstick lesbians. I mean, I may be wrong but it wouldn't be the first time ;)

BTW, do you know how computer people have computer expos?

Expos usually include company or organization booths where products and technologies are demonstrated; talks and lectures; and general mixing of people with common interests.

Do lesbians have lesbo expos?

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You've just seen that 'cause you're a sexy lessie, kukla! :P

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