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Do you play chess?


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I've played Chess on and off and currently have an Elo ranking of 1381 or so.

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Yes! Next question.

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Yes! Next question.

Are you good? Also what is your elo rating?

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You don't have to repeat everything people say... just the parts you're specifically disputing.

And... not really that good but I still like to play.

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i cant stop buying chess sets...there is an awesome pc chess game you can download (torrent) "chess master 10th edition"

and for those of you that like chess...give stratego a try...there are 3 free sites to play at...i recommend playing at "metaforge" they have better game options

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No, I don't play chess. I am not really good when it comes to strategic board games.

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I used to but not anymore. The only person who I could play most of the time was my Brother who wiped the floor with me every time so it wasn't very fun so I stopped playing it.

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