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Alarm Clock Naturally
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Do you prefer/need an alarm clock to wake up or do you wake up naturally?

Alarm Clock

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Alarm clock are always handy in the mornings, but my biological clock is closely aligned with the electronic device.



Side: Alarm Clock

Oh man..., I would so hit the snooze button so often I'd be late for work ;)

Side: Alarm Clock
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That alarm clock would soooo make me late for work!!!!!!!! :)

Side: Alarm Clock

I depend on an alarm clock, however, I do wake up sometimes about 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Side: Alarm Clock

I wake up naturally but there have been times when I wake up to an alarm clock and I'm like ready ;)

Side: Naturally
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If by naturally you mean I wake up when I want to wake up? Yeah. That's a usual morning (sometimes afternoon) for me. Because I work nights I don't have to get up early.

But for those days I have to get up early, and alarm clock is the tool I use. And my enemy.

Side: Naturally
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I'm a college student who is currently taking the Summer off.

needless to say that at the moment I wake up naturally.

Side: Naturally
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Yeah, this will help you with future employment, so ThePyg, what did you do in the summer of 2012? Well, took the summer off and chilled on

Side: Alarm Clock

I know the feeling of that guy in the second picture. That damned noise makes me want to throw the alarm clock out the window, but it does help. (this is where the ability to put in tags would help, you see, I'd add the tag "A little of both"). I set my alarm clock maybe fifteen minutes before I should get up when I have to get up at a certain time, and then try to "naturally" get out of bed for the next half hour.

Side: Naturally

Maybe you should set it a half hour early. ;)

Side: Naturally

My dear Joe, you caught that one there. I was hoping somebody would see it!

Side: Naturally