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Does additional political news media aid the democratic process?

For the purpose of this debate 'additional political news media' shall be defined as media in which an opinion is applied to a political event.

Political news media is when an news sources reports a poltical event, for instance a news channel announcing the passing of an Act of Government or records and footage of the Government in action, thus additional political media is a programme that takes political events and discusses them, often with individuals applying their own biases, this could range from comedians commentation on panel shows to a debating programme with a varity of experts.

The term 'democracy' and 'democratic' can also have differing interpretations across the globe, thus for the purpose of the debate it means getting the population and electorate more involved in politics, this could be evidenced by voting statistics (etc.).

I'm aware that political media varies in all countries, same nations may have a larger government involvement in media than others, therefore it would help if you could state in your argument specific examples to support your view. Additionally it is acknowledged that primary sources of politicial news will often be biased in more subtle manners, however it would be preferred if this primary sources did not become the focus of the debate.

Either way, I hope this debate will be a nice break from the religious related argument tsunami this site seems to be drowning in.


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As a prime example on how additional political media benefits the democratic process, the BBC's Question Time features a panel of 5 guests which will often be from a range of political viewpoints of whom are encouraged to debate and discuss political issues on a weekly basis.

The debating style and manner often mirrors that of the House of Commons when Prime Ministers Questions are in session, with lots of shouts of raw opinion and partisan tribalism, however unlike the Parliamentary debates, guests on Question Time will often be forced to discuss issues that a member of the audiences raises through a question. This results in politicians commenting on issues at the same moment, providing the audiences and viewers with a clear comparison of how party opinions differ.

Ultimately, additional political media encourages viewers to think about political issues and provides them with deep analysis and differing viewpoints on those issues, thus encouraging them to get more involved in politics and aiding the democratic process.

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User-generated news content and professional journalism represent two distinct approaches to information dissemination and news reporting in the digital age. Each has its strengths and challenges, impacting how news is consumed and understood by the public.

User-Generated News Content:


Diversity of Perspectives: User-generated content can offer a wide range of viewpoints, providing a more diverse perspective on news events than might be available through traditional media outlets.

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It brainwashes voters.

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How so?

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Idk mate, I just like you more than most of this site and wanted to give you a free point.

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