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Sometimes. Nope.
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Does hiding under the covers at night help keep you safe from ghosts?


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Absolutely. I wouldn't be here today if it were not for bedsheets, blankets and assorted quilts. Her mistake was clearly a repeated violation of rule one "No Peeking".

Side: Sometimes.
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That's kinda like teling the ghost, "I can't see youuuu." Should you also put you fingers in you ears and say, "I can't hear youuuu."

Side: Sometimes.

Well if the bed sheets resemble something of a shroud then probably there would be a force of repulsion between the ghosts and the bed sheets which might save you.

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Well it depends because if your hiding under the sheets then the ghost might not see you and think it's just a bed sheet but then ghosts might have a special power to see or sense things idk you'd have to know more about ghosts to tell really. But I suppose to a limit it can only sometimes help you hide from them if their in your room otherwise it's not like it's a barrier that ghosts from other places ( other than your room)cant go through.

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They are going to get you no matter what.

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ProLogos(2793) Disputed
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Not if you're a threat level 63 black magician. They get a perk that increases astral resistance to 100%.

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My threat level is higher than that.

Side: Sometimes.