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Sure, why not? Wait...., what? No!
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Sure, why not?

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Wait...., what? No!

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I'd love to see the faces of millions of straight men across America, on Super Bowl Sunday, when the ad airs ;)

Side: Sure, why not?
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Gay guys like attractive men and the sports world has a lot of attractive men in it, therefor looks of gay guys will be watching the Superbowl.

Side: Sure, why not?
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Yes. But not this one.

I understand where CBS is coming from, and I understand that this ad could make a lot of males watching the superbowl with their friend's uncomfortable.

Another ad, sure.

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Well, I read the description of the ad and it seems pretty funny. I wouldn't mind watching it. Sure, I actually know some people who would just get disgusted by it, but in general most of my dude friends would just find it funny. Considering the Market, they're at about 50-50 in those who will actually be disgusted by the commercial. But, no one will be disgusted enough to NOT watch the Super Bowl. C'mon, it's the fuckin' Super Bowl; the biggest event in TV. A controversial ad won't dismantle it. If anything, it will attract non-sports nuts to just see what the hoopla is all about.

Plus, it's way better to use this kind of ad, which is funny, than some lovey dovery romantic ad that will just have a bunch of dudes making fun of it. Instead of laughing at them, they should want people to laugh with them.

Side: Sure, why not?

It makes you wonder what the dating site was thinking. I mean, not only opening themselves up for ridicule, but the gay community as well.

Side: Sure, why not?

I'm sure that the millions of heterosexual men will be severely disturbed at what I should imagine the ad would look.

Please note that I did not click the link.

Side: Wait...., what? No!
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Omg. That's it. It's gone too far.

I never advocated violence against buttmunchers. But now it's gone too far.

Fucking kill them all. Kill every last one of those sick fucks.

Down vote me. Do what you will. This is the world we live in? With swordfighters (lol) live on air?? Jesus Fucking Christ.

Side: Wait...., what? No!