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Uh..., Yeah! Nah. Kids are resiliant
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 Uh..., Yeah! (7)
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Does this constitute extreme (ly bad) parenting


Uh..., Yeah!

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Nah. Kids are resiliant

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If it were real. I think it had to either be Photoshopped or staged. Too much of a coincidence that a photographer was there to capture that moment. Besides, I don't believe in coincidences.

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If I had parents like that? I'd either be climbing the Himalayas.. On Mt. Everest or be dead and gone. N I don't think I'm so strong for the Everest so I'd quite be dead!

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Those people are insane! Anyone who thinks that even remotely resembles good judgement should have their head examined.

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I don't want to be that kid.

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He's tucking his arms into his chest. They taught him well!

Side: Nah. Kids are resiliant
Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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What you didn't scold Joe for using constitute in a sentence, after all you claim it only refers to the Constitution of the USA. Two faced and both ugly.

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Bohemian(3861) Disputed
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When you say "The Constitution" when discussing American politics, refers specifically to the U.S. Constitution. The word "constitute' is a verb which means to "make up, form; compose".

Side: Nah. Kids are resiliant
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They're taking him rock climbing. I'm jealous.

Side: Nah. Kids are resiliant