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Gay marriage should be allowed because it's for the children.

“ . . . Children should have the comfort of knowing their parents are married . . . Civil unions are a separate and unequal institution that send a message to children of same-sex couples that society does not value their families as much as those headed by heterosexual couples . . . ”


‘You’re not a little kid dreaming about your civil union day. It’s your wedding day.’


So, how effective is the argument that gay marriage should be allowed because "it's for the children"?

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That must be one of the most ineffective arguments I've ever heard!!! This has nothing to do with the all.

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I'm here because this is as bad as the "stay together for the kids" argument. You don't really need a MARRIAGE to raise a healthy child in today's society. All you need are good role models and good parents. They don't HAVE to be married.

Keep in mind, I'm for gay marriage and adoption. But no one needs to be married to raise good kids.

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When someone tells me, "It's for the children" I immediately realize that they are tugging on my heart strings in order to manipulate me and it turns me off.

It's like a hard sales person telling me that if I don't act right now....

Or someone saying, "Trust me..." or "It's not about the money, it's the principal of the thing..."

To me, it's all the same crap and I don't buy it. But thanks for playing ;)

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God, I agree. "It's for the children!" Yeah, sure it is. Get a better ploy, please.

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