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Gay relationships have not reached the level of hetero relationships so no gay marriage



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Wait..., what? No!

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I don't know why gays would want their relationships on the same stage as the hetero relationships mentioned above. Maybe they want to compete (go head to head..., sort of speak) and show the world they can be just as screwed up ;)

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hahaha true that. but still gonna have to go with wait..., what? no! because although straight marriage can be screwed up gays have equal right to want to get married and anyone who says otherwise is primitive(not you). the reason i say primitive is because, who cares if gays get married, you might think its weird but it doesn't hurt anyone so let them get married. anyone wanting to seriously dispute this will be attacked with a series of bible stories explaining why gays should be aloud to get married.

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Why not? Everyone living on this planet has a right to privacy life and to personal happiness. If there is love between two gays and they are ready to support and take care for each other, they are really able to create long-term strong relationships. Besides, they are competent to raise children. There was a survey which was devoted to bringing up children by homosexual couple and sociologists proved that parents' sexual orientation has not significant effect on the quality of parenting and mental health of children.

Side: Wait..., What? No!