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I went back. I never went back.
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 I went back. (5)
 I never went back. (2)

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Have you ever tried black and if so..., did you go back?

Once you try black you never go back.

I went back.

Side Score: 5

I never went back.

Side Score: 2
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I went back. But then again, I'm into Technocolor so, any color so long as it's got a pulse will make me happy.

Side: I went back.

I think what they mean is that once you've tried black, you never go back to white ;)

Side: I went back.
Taqwacore(668) Clarified
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Side: I went back.

She was too physical and I'm more of a gentle lover so..., I never went back to her. ;)

Side: I never went back.
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I in love with a black man. He is like a parking ticket: he has fine written all over him. ;)

Side: I never went back.