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 How liberal are you? Take the quiz and post your results here. (50)

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How liberal are you? Take the quiz and post your results here.

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82% Democrat

63% Green Party

52% Republican

52% Socialist

41% Libertarian

1 point

It told me that we agree 83% woo

2 points

Libertarian: 74 percent

Republican: 46 percent

Green party: 46 percent

Democrats: 46 percent

Socialist: 31 percent

2 points


on economic, social, immigration, science, and foreign policy issues


Green Party

on science, social, immigration, and economic issues



on economic, social, and immigration issues



on healthcare and immigration issues



1 point


Are you saying that you are 83% liberal? Because if that's what it means and I had gotten that score, that would surely depress the hell out of me. ;) ;)

Libertarian: 66%

Republican: 64%

Democrat: 57%

Green Party: 18%

Socialist: 15%

Looks like I'm fairly well rounded.

joecavalry(40143) Clarified
1 point

I guess I'm more liberal than I care to admit ;)

1 point

care to expand on this..?

Cynical(1948) Clarified
1 point

Libertarianism ≠ Liberalism

LittleMisfit(1745) Clarified
1 point

Those results really surprise me considering how much you love to harp on the left. You're actually pretty close to center.

Maybe that's how I have managed to amass so many points. I've been told that I'm a well rounded individual, but I always thought they were referring to my weight ;)

1 point

Oh now what a surprise.

Green Party= 99%

Democrats= 93%



Who saw that coming..?

1 point

70% Republican

56% Democrat

44% Libertarian

27% Green Party

9% Socialist

1 point

Huh! Well that's strange... you're half racist and half not racist! WTF?!

2 points

Really? Wow... I guess you're right!

1 point

I got results I didnt expect.

Libertarian: 73%

Green Party: 71%

Democrat: 68%

Republican: 67%

Socialist: 28%

Here are my results:

1 point

Does anybody mind elaborating on how liberal or conservative I am with these results?

1 point

You are more liberal than conservative socially and right-wing economically.

1 point

75% Republican

73% Libertarian

64% Green

54% Democrat

9% Socialist

Depressed(355) Disputed
1 point

Your priorities disgust me, let alone your choices regarding them!

Hellno(17753) Disputed
1 point

Oh! Stop being a little virgin and get your head out of your ass.

1 point

Damn. You out-Republicaned me lol. We tied on socialism though...

1 point

Yeah... I think my stance on immigration got me a lot of Republican points... otherwise, it would be a lot lower.

1 point

Hmmmm tied even in the Libertarian percentage. Most of my percentages were so close to each other that I have no clue what the fuck to call myself.

80% Green Party

75% Democrat Party

66% Socialist Party

41% Libertarian Party

5% Republican Party

Well here are my results..........................................................

Supporting Evidence: (
1 point

I was looking through how they determined these results... not as accurate as last time i took this quiz.


Libertarians - 84%

Green Party - 46%

Republicans - 39%

Democrats - 18%

Socialists - 12%

This makes sense because the Libertarian Party is the only party in the list that is overall for less government.

1 point

Republicans 91%

Libertarians 61%

Green Party 17%

Democrats 13%

Socialist 4%

Green Party 91%

Democrats 85%

Libertarians 59%

Socialist 55%

Republicans 30%

1 point

Yep, I guess I knew this about myself!

Republicans 85%

Libertarians 36%

Democrats 18%

Green Party 17%

Socialist 3%

Hey now don't go calling me a socialist!

1 point

Well... I guess no one can call you a RINO.

Dude, check my results. I'm shocked. I answered honestly. Wow. You were def right, I aint no liberal. o.O

I side with Democrats on most political issues.

Parties you side with...



on economic, social, domestic policy, science, and healthcare issues


Green Party

on social, domestic policy, and healthcare issues



on social, domestic policy, and healthcare issues



on foreign policy and environmental issues



on healthcare issues

Parties you side with by issue...


important to me


I side with Green Party on most social issues.


important to me

The Environment

I side with Republicans on most environmental issues.


important to me

The Economy

I side with Democrats on most economic issues.


important to me


I side with Green Party on most healthcare issues.


important to me


I side with Democrats on most science issues.


important to me

Foreign Policy

I side with Republicans on most foreign policy issues.


important to me

Domestic Policy

I side with Socialist on most domestic policy issues.


important to me


I side with Democrats on most immigration issues.


important to me


You do not side with any candidates on approval issues.

1 point

67% Republican

57% Green party

44% Democrat

34% Libertarian

20% Socialist

1 point

95% Democrats

   -on science, social, immigration, healthcare, domestic policy, foreign policy, economic,

   and;environmental issues

91% Green Party

   -on science, immigration, foreign policy, social, healthcare, and economic issues

64% Socialist

   -on social, immigration, and healthcare issues

52% Libertarians

   -on foreign policy and immigration issues

3% Republicans

   -no major issues

Wow!!! You are pretty liberal alright ;)

1 point

Yeah, fucking liberal bastard! Libertarians 75%, Republicans 73%, Green Party 59%, Democrats 34%, Socialists 21%. Hey Hellno, check this out. I guess we DO agree on stuff. :)

0 points

61% Democrats

34% Green Party

33% Socialist

27% Libertarians

20% Republicans

Depressed(355) Disputed
1 point

I would have thought I was more Green than Democrat but oh well. :P

I know I'm a centrist and this test was forcing me to pick bias.