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 How much impact does the media have on perspective/perceptions? (14)

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How much impact does the media have on perspective/perceptions?

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90% media.

7% other people

3% their own thoughts .

I guess they gave him water and then shot his assistant ;)

joecavalry(40125) Clarified
1 point

Get your news from different sources. I don't consider CNN and NBC different sources. Throw some Fox news in there somewhere ;)

Elvira(3446) Clarified
1 point

I've never heard of CAN or NBA, but Fox is bullshit.

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In the UK we have something called 'The Daily Mail' (sometimes referred to as The Daily Fail) which is a right wing tabloid paper. Papers like this one have done a lot to scapegoat immigrants for, well... everything.

Have you ever wondered..., if The Daily Mail is so bad, why not provide a well reasoned argument instead of name calling? Name calling is the refuge of idiots ;)

Elvira(3446) Clarified
1 point

I wasn't name-calling, I was just mentioning what it's often called here. The Daily Mail isn't worth a well-reasoned argument.

How much impact does the black community have on how it is perceived? Well..., the looting doesn't help... Especially when the media is recording it all ;)

Most people base their perspective/perceptions on what the media's viewpoint is, for those people can't think without someone holding their hand. If the media went away, people would be forced to think for themselves more at least.