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 How should we deal with Radical Muslims? (22)

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How should we deal with Radical Muslims?

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2 points

Lets treat them like how we treat Radical Christians.

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They are not prophets... They are supposedly adherents of the prophet Muhammad.

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As long as they blow up real good, I don't care what you call them.

instig8or(3308) Disputed
3 points

You think you are funny but you just sound psychotic.

AlofRI(3263) Clarified
1 point

Don't forget the "Prophet Jesus". He's the second most important Muslim prophet.

We should deal with them just like we deal with Christian radicals. You know, like the ones who beat the sins out of their sons ... to death! Or the Jewish radicals. ANY radical is dangerous, they don't have to be Muslim! Republican radicals (conservatives) are dangerous, Liberal radicals are dangerous. We live in a dangerous world.

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I always thought that A-rab bad guys used those long curvy bladed swords. These clowns in the news look like A-rab ninjas with knives they bought from L.L. Bean. And since when are A-rabs into vests? Those went out in the 70's dint they. The best way to deal with these folks is to get them real jobs. They seem adept at farming (Opium) so make them pig farmers. Or we could just bomb them back into th 14th century, where they'd fit in nicely.

1 point

Repatriation, send the murdering filth back to the cesspit countries of their origin. If Allah is so almighty how come Muslims are having to by-pass many oil rich Islamic nations to seek solace in Christian Europe? For most Muslims the spectre of having to return to the barbaric laws and repressive regimes of Islamic Countries is a sufficiently repulsive deterrent for them to de-radicalize themselves at double speed.

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Edit. Double post.

1 point

Don't see that government can because O'Blunder fails to see Radical Muslims as terrorist. But one can understand that because O'Blunder is a Radical Muslim Sympathizer !

GenericName(3430) Clarified
1 point

Can you prove it?

outlaw60(15375) Clarified
1 point

You need proof ? Show me where O'Blunder has stated Radical Muslims are not terrorist !

Wait i think i can show you proof !

WASHINGTON — They’re burning and beheading victims in the name of Islam, but President Obama delivered a major speech Wednesday on combating violent extremism — while refusing to use the words “Muslim terrorists.”

This is from the Left Wing rag the NY Compost

AlofRI(3263) Disputed
1 point

He sees that not ALL Muslims are radicals. He's managed to "take out" more of the top Muslim radicals than other Presidents, and every time he does, conservatives go after HIM! He "respects" others beliefs, something REAL Christians are supposed to do! Even the Pope likes him! It's just "radicals" that don't.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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You have it backwards. Obama refuses to call the terrorists Muslims. He had no problem calling a Muslim a terrorist, he just says being a terrorist doesn't have anything to do with being Muslim.

1 point

How should we deal with Radical Muslims? I am assuming you mean the ones that wage war and terrorism? Like ISIL?

Well, I believe my answer to this can be nicely summed-up from a line in the movie "Apocalypse Now." When Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) was told to go up river and pay a visit to the out-of-control Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando)........

"You are to terminate the Colonel's command."

" 'Terminate' sir?"

"Yes. Terminate...with extreme prejudice."

So, Radical Islamists?

Yeah....Let's Terminate with Extreme Prejudice.

1 point

How to deal with kkk members working on the police force?

0 points

This could work.

3 points

Yeah --- Kind of a new twist on carpet bombing. I like it.

Saintnow(3684) Clarified
1 point

Radical Muslims should be dealt with the same way they will deal with you if you will not bow to them and say God's name is Allah and Muhammed is his prophet. They love death, why withhold it from them as they try to give it to you?

1 point

So maybe land mines shaped like prayer mats then?