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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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How to start an online argument.

Step 1.  State your opinion.

Step 2.  Wait.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Oh so true. And sometimes, even stating a fact will start an argument. :P

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Just a vote. .

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A better step one would be go to youtube, making the step one already there a step two, and so on.

YouTube is full of people who don't know that other opinions exist so when they see them they have no clue how to react and strike first, usually very illogically, misspelled, and fully of insults or slander.

Go to just about any religious video and see all of the arguments.

I say 'just about' and 'any' because obviously I haven't been to them all but of all the ones I've been to, there has been arguments.

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Constructive debates challenge individuals to articulate their viewpoints more effectively, fostering personal growth and mutual understanding.

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1) create a subject 2) create an outrageous but believable point of view 3) use a visual shock to enrage potential opponents 4) Do a full study beforehand and be prepared to destroy all opposing views once confronted

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Argumentation is a form of communication wherein one party presents the conclusion, rather than the full argument itself. The other party will then challenge or disagree with that conclusion. Argumentation is important because it helps us to understand each other better and fosters better debate. This article will describe how to start an online b14793970 argument and also how to respond effectively to an opponent's arguments.

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