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Joe_Cavalry All Day Every Day

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joecavalry(39793) pic

I come to CD looking for smart individuals because there are so few in the real world


Here's what it's like when I come here.

except I look a lot better.



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Wait..., what? No!!!

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So, humanity would survive a zombie-apocalypse after all. But seriously... when did zombies get picky? I think I should dumb myself down a notch, just in case. Wait... is that why there are so many dumb people?

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this is a hilarious picture

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That is why Joe is who he is. He goes far and beyond to get us the very best troll debate.

Beyond hilarious.

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I'm sorry. I'm just trolling you guys ;)

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lol Amazing picture XD................................................

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I come here to argue with creationist, 'cos sometimes there just nothing funny on TV.

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What do you normally argue with creationists about?

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creation ;-)

As long as that's the theme though. If it was a diffrent subject and I agreed with them then I would support them.

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