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 I got caught dealing pot. (10)

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I got caught dealing pot.

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I bet you all thought this was a Dana debate ;)

I bet you won't leave a message for fear of people realizing that you've been had by joe. But if they see your post, they've been had too ;)

Well played Joe. Well played. .

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even I think this is funny. ;)

2 points

Yeah, I thought it might be Dana... or maybe GuitaristDog.

joecavalry(39792) Clarified
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Hey, we just met, and I know this might sound crazy, but leave a message, maybe ;)

sauh(1106) Disputed
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I've been frequenting this cite a month or so; and from what I've seen of Dana's posts, she would have been going to jail much sooner if shed dealt any pot. (Due to her inability to keep her mouth shut about any thing).

Although, props to her about drawing attention to herself.

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Thank you for the compliment. I would love to be had by you if you were single. Oh well, at least we can trade hot lesbian pictures. ;)

That looks fun, I should try it .

You'll need a brother to help you out ;)

True, make exchange for a the cooking Ninja pot.-----------------------------------

That would be one huge joint...