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True Wait..., what? No!
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If they remove Trump from office we riot

Or move to Ukraine


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Wait..., what? No!

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Screw the articles of impeachment! He made America Great Again ;)

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Keefe_Sencen(10) Disputed
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No. He really didn’t. He made America resort back to its primitive days. And I say, make America GAY again.



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My stocks went up ;)

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SunTzuv2(52) Clarified
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Actually, it's exactly because they are corrupt obstructionists that he hasn't been removed from office.

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Chinaman(3570) Clarified
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Leftist are you supporting the notion that Americans need to vote Democrat just to satisfy you.

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FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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If you are so blind to what the Democrat Party has been doing to Trump since his inauguration, then there can be no intelligent debate with you.

They have been trying to impeach him since his very first day in office. There are many news videos showing the proof of their hatred for Trump from first day! They never accepted the results of the election.

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or move to Ukraine

Hello joe,

Very cool. I hear it’s nice over there this time of year.


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Chinaman(3570) Clarified
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The Democrat has just said it supports Ukraine. One more day of the Confused Democrat.

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Ok,where I’m at is: if they DONT remover trump I’ll riot

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