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If you are called a name in one of my debates - let me know and I'll ban them.

I don't get enough messages and this is my solution.

I'm trying to create a kinder, gentler, debating experience.

I'll only ban on request.
Just in case you're a masochist.

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1 point

I also would like to use the ban feature more often ;)

1 point

NOTE that even if I agree to ban someone, I may not agree with anything else you believe in. Punk! ;)

1 point

You (and me) are all SINNERS!!!! Name calling, name calling, boo hoo

ironskillet(220) Disputed
1 point

I don't think that's name called, that's a fact.

Name calling is taking someone and insulting them for non reason.

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
1 point

evolution is an insult, calling people nothing but animals........anybody who believes it and tries to shove it down my throat is going to be told that it's stupid to believe in evolution

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
1 point

If you say you believe in evolution, then you are calling me an animal.......and you are going to whine when I say evolution is for suckers?

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
1 point

I'm calling you a fool because it's a fact that you are a fool, I'm calling you an idiot because you won't stop being a fool and it's a fact that idiots do things repeatedly contrary to their own well being. Enjoy your sin while you can. I'm getting tired of you.

Oh dear, that's awkward for me.

You see I'm a real dirty rotten scoundrel, and there I go calling myself names.

Well, I suppose you gotta do what a censor's gotta do.

1 point

I'm into BSDM where are we going to go with this. Don't ban me !

Could you ban Ladylinkstar ? K thanks .

1 point

I need to know which one of my debates this biatch has been calling you names so I can ban her there ;)