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True. Wait..., what? No!
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If you move from a rural to an urban area - you will develop a left-leaning bias.

**Pseudoneglect could also be connected to the environment of a given population. Recent research in Namibia showed that when rural populations moved to urban settings, they developed a greater left-leaning bias in their perception than they’d previously had.**


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Wait..., what? No!

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Large cities are breading ground for liberals ;)

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If you move from a rural to an urban area - you will develop a left-leaning bias.

Hello joe:

It's true.. When you become educated, you become liberal.. In this nation, the centers of learning are in cities, not the boondocks..


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This frightening phenomena is due to the brains of city dwellers becoming damaged as a consequence of inhaling the heavily polluted air caused by Co2 emissions from vehicular traffic and industrial generated pollutants.

Even low concentrations of CO2 decreases brain activity resulting in a significant reduction in its capacity to discern and concentrate.

The urbanite's reduced powers of concentration and judgment capability results in them believing the anarchist doctrine of the loony leftists.

These townies are responsible for 96% of the nation's knife crimes, the mugging of pensioners, drug dealing, defacing buildings with graffiti, raping minors, and voting for the local candidate of the RAVENING LOONY LEFT WING PARTY.

There is the one simple, but indisputable truth why loony leftists live in cities.

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