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Absolutely That's not politically correct
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If you take the spic out of a spic, does he become despicable?


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That's not politically correct

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Probably more so than if you leave the spic in him ;)

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Yes. It is better for him to speak English and pronounce speak like "spic" than to speak American and sound like the vowels are trying to force their way out laterally through the trachae.

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If you took the spic out of a spic he/she/it becomes .

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Not at all. He would have to be despicable before you could despic him. Once he's been despic'd, he would no longer be despicable. Unless, of course, we're talking about partial despicing, but there is a lot of controversy regarding that procedure and it isn't covered by most insurance plans.

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It is amazing that you can make such a great point about such a stupid topic. Good job.

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Haha, Atrag is so mad he had to downvote me for no reason.

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