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Joe_Cavalry All Day Every Day

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This is a private debate. See the FAQ for more info.

Challenge Debate: I'm looking for a real good argument


Joe told me that he would have a real argument with me,

not one of his joke arguments.


Yes you did

Side Score: 29

No I didn't

Side Score: 39

Is this the right debate? It says that it is a "Private debate. "

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People should click on the "Show all replies" button above.

Side: No I didn't

I already told you that it was .

Side: No I didn't
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No, you haven't told me any such thing .

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Yes, I have .

Side: No I didn't

Looking at the transcripts, it looks like this whole thing took an hour and a half. Bouncy was wrong...., again ;)

Side: No I didn't