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I've always thought that Wait...., What? No!
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Is Jimmy Carter getting senile or does he have dementia or something?

The former US president Jimmy Carter has condemned as "dastardly" and "based on racism" a southern Republican's outburst during Barack Obama's big healthcare speech to Congress last week. Carter said the "You lie" interjection by Joe Wilson showed there was "an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president".

In other words, if a white man dissagrees with a black man, then the white man is a racist.

I've always thought that

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Wait...., What? No!

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The problem with ignorant people like Jimmy Carter is that they don't realize that they are ignorant.

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Well it's like I always say, if you could reason with ignorant people, there wouldn't be any Democrats. (;

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...and if Rebpublicans had any manners there wouldn't be any of those left either. Do you think for one second that had the President been white, such an outburst would have occured?

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Joe Wilson was right to apologize and Obama was right to say 'hey sometimes our passions get the best of us' and forgive him.

Now.. why in the whole wide world are we debating race?


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Well actually I think it might have been because it was about illegal immigrants. Which still that's pretty retarded that one can't debate immigration without being called racist.

Edit: Okay I just watched the video maybe he is crazy. He ignored what the "you lie" thing was actually about. And assumed racism towards Obama.

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I told you he was a nut job. It's been 30 years and he's still in denial about how distorted his world view is.

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He might be getting senile. He is at the right age. However Jimmy Carter isn't by himself in his view. Several senators have said the same thing, and Maureen Dowd just wrote an editorial in the NYtimes saying the exact words practically. You might think these people are grossly wrong but senile doesn't follow.

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No, you are right. Those people are not senile. They are extremely ignorant and it appears to be contagious ;)

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Carter wasn't referring to that Congressman specifically, he was referring to the protesters with the swastikas and signs saying Obama is a foreign terrorist etc.

And while I don't believe his assertion that the majority of that stems from racism.

Certainly a large part of it does. I mean, the right crazies came out during the Clinton administration also, so this is nothing new in and of itself. They accused him of everything from murder to who knows what else.

However, that the idea that our current President is not from here, not "one of us", a terrorist, etc.

Very many of that small part of that population I am afraid are quite racist.

If Obama were Smith, and his skin were white, even if he were born in Hawaii, they wouldn't be saying "he's not one of us," "he's a terrorist" etc. They'd find something else to say sure, but they wouldn't be saying those silly things,

hence, racist for that small portion of looney tunes. To pretend it doesn't exist is not wise I think. Better to call it what it is.

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Carter wasn't referring to that Congressman specifically

What makes you think that? The link I followed said that it was his response to the "you lie".

he was referring to the protesters

Did anyone asked him about the protests? Or is that what you want this to be about? You just can't admit when a democrat screws up can you? you have to change it all around to point the finger in another direction usually the right.

And by the way, Ive seen the protests, I watch Fox News [you know, the people with live footage of these protests] and I saw no swastikas or signs saying Obama is a foreign terrorist. Now I'm sure there are some 'crazies' that you people managed to find but that proves NOTHING. Because crazy people are everywhere, they don't represent these protests and you know it!!

Have you seen any of these protests? or are you just being a little parrot for John Stewart and those other low rate comedians?

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There are plenty of racist people who haven't said anything more than a comment under their breath until Obama was picked as the nominee for president. I think it is great that he won so the minorities can feel more empowered and get rid of the nonsense.

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