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Yes..., yes it has. Wait..., what? No!!!
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 Yes..., yes it has. (5)

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Is Social Media out of control


Yes..., yes it has.

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I know some people who would tweet it before getting out ;)

Side: Yes..., yes it has.

It is sometimes causing deaths.

Side: Yes..., yes it has.
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Now the paparazi working for those social media have even snapping shots and even accusing others like famous stars of things they did not do. Also, it is also a cyber-bullying tool. An example is Facebook, for since it is so convenient to use, all you need to type in a few words and send it into cyberspace, you can already hurt someone by using that.This itself is cyber-bullying and misuse of the social media

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Facebook especially with so many members cyberbullying and making threats toward other members.

Side: Yes..., yes it has.
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No, I need it to make zoophilia legal.😊 :Phfdjjggte fjhrfgj ggjfegj

Side: Yes..., yes it has.
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