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Is a nuclear deal with Iran the beginning of Islam's broad acceptance by the world?


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Pffft. I hope not. I like the status quo.

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daver(1771) Clarified
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What status quo is to your liking.

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The sane one.

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Absolutely not. A nuclear bomb is the beginning of Iran's plan to "Wipe Israel of the map". There is nothing about hard core Islam that the civilized world can find acceptable.

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Why those little Shiites!

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Islam is already accepted by the rest of the world as the greatest evil on the face of the earth today. It's ''hate preachers' and the aggressive intolerant passages from the Koran make it, by far and away the greatest threat to world peace as well as retarding the process of racial and religious harmony which most western leaders strive for so desperately.

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We should nuke them in the name of tolerance for all.

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